Parentage Testing in HK

Parentage test is used to determine whether two individuals have a biological parent-child relationship. It is done by collecting and analyzing DNA from the alleged parent and child. Since half of the genetic material of a child is inherited from the parent, if the alleged parent is also the biological parent, half of the DNA analyzed will match with the child’s DNA. The other parent’s DNA can also be analyzed at the same time to provide a better picture of the relationship.

We are able to do parentage testing, including paternity testing with or without samples from the mother, as well as maternity testing, grandparentage testing, sibling testing, and prenatal testing in HK. Please contact us directly for further information.

Why is parentage testing needed?

Parentage testing might be needed for many different reasons. “Peace of mind” for man who suspect his wife of infidelity and concerned that their child might not be his. An adopted child wanting to confirm parentage after reunion with his/her biological parent. A mother who was sexually active wanting to determine the biological father of her child. Or even suspicion of a hospital mix-up. No matter what your reason is, we are here to help.

How are samples collected?

The DNA samples used for the parentage test will be collected using soft cotton swabs. The insides of the cheek is rubbed using the swab and buccal cell samples are collected. This method is non-invasive and safe to be performed on anyone, even small children.

How is parentage testing done?

Once buccal samples are received at the laboratory, analysis is performed using the most updated PCR technique. DNA is extracted from your submitted sample and amplified using PCR which allows our scientists to analysis your submitted sample accurately. We look at a minimal of 16 specific DNA markers within each DNA sample, 13 of which are in the CODIS used by FBI for genetic profiling. The readings of the alleged parent are compared with the child. The readings allow our scientists to give you a conclusive result about the parent-child relationship between the tested individuals.


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